Nuoren Voiman Liitto

Finland’s Foremost Advocate of Contemporary Literature


Creative Writing
- internet-based writing courses for youths aged between 9 and 17
- writing groups for youtsh (13-19 years and 18-25 years)
- intensive, thematic writing courses for adults
- writing competitions
- feedback for texts: professional writers helping non-published writers

Literary Events
- poetry readings about once a month
- prose readings about once a month
- largest event: the Poetry Moon festival in late August; about 30 single events gather together 100-150 poets and up to 10,000 visitors

Nuori Voima magazine
- 5 issues per year plus 2 supplements of critics
- more than 150 writers per year
- literature, philosophical essays, articles, critiques, translations, etc.


Founded in 1921, Nuoren Voiman Liitto (NVL) is one of the oldest and most active non-profit literature organizations in Finland. The association focuses its attention on three areas in particular: (1) supporting creative writing and encouraging ambitious writers of all ages in their craft; (2) organizing literary events such as the Poetry Jam and Prosak clubs and the annual Runokuu (Poetry Moon) festival; and (3) publishing the already centenary literary magazine Nuori Voima and its biannual supplement, Kritiikki.

Nuoren Voiman Liitto is an expert organization and perpetual forerunner in the field of Finnish literature, and a household name to cultural enthusiasts and luminaries across several generations. In terms of cultural policy, the NVL endeavors always to increase opportunities for unique experiences among audiences passionate about literature, to reinforce the status and standing of writers, to make more people aware of experimental, marginal and cross-disciplinary literature and to develop interaction between authors and readers.

The NVL’s expertise and cultural open-mindedness are well known throughout Finland, and have been acknowledged on an international level on many occasions. In addition to its close ties to a substantial number of Finnish and Nordic cultural associations, the NVL also maintains highly productive relationships with numerous European movers and shakers. Nuori Voima has been a partner magazine of online culture network Eurozine for years, and continues to contribute translated Finnish literary theory and essays to its archives for all the world to read. The NVL is also instrumental in maintaining, an international poetry portal with a unique emphasis on multilingual translation and audio material – samples of the authors themselves reading their own work is provided whenever possible; the site features upwards of ten Finnish poets and counting.

Even more substantially, Nuoren Voiman Liitto maintains an artists’ residency in the city of Sysmä in southern Finland. The residency, Villa Sarkia, was originally built to serve as a local bank manager’s home in the early 1900s. It is available to writers and translators from all over the world with an urge to develop their technical and professional skills in a tranquil environment. In the three years of its operation and maintenance by the NVL, Villa Sarkia has housed more than a dozen poets, authors and translators from across the globe.

The last few years have seen a surge in the international connections and projects of Nuoren Voiman Liitto, and the future also holds great promise for the ever evolving organization. Some highlights include:

·         Versschmuggel, a German-Finnish poetry translation workshop coordinated in 2013 that brought together six Finnish and six German poets of high standing.

·         The HulaHulaRunRun literary tour of 2011, during which 10 Finnish poets traveled to five different countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany) and which contributed to the publication of multilingual translations in literary magazines all over Europe.

·         Kompositio, a sprawling literary venture. This international undertaking was a true Glanzleistung: a country-hopping festival of poetry and cross-disciplinary literature focusing on German-speaking Europe, namely Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Every year more than 20,000 people participate in the many clubs, events, festivals and publications of Nuoren Voiman Liitto, which are mostly financed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and some independent foundations. The NVL’s emphasis is on contemporary, experimental and less widely known literature, which is why the organization can safely be considered one of the most influential advocates of modern culture in all of Finland.



Contact and information:

Laura Serkosalo
Executive Director
+358 44 207 4650
Fredrikinkatu 23 D 4
00120 Helsinki