CROWD - CReating Other Ways of Dissemination is a self-starting network in the European independent literary scene founded by Lettrétage (Germany), Forum Stadtpark (Austria), Nuoren Voiman Liitto (Finland) and IDEOGRAMMA (Cyprus).

The CROWD-Network is an innovative and crucial key to Europe's independent literary scene. CROWD is a decentralised, self-governing, non-profit network facilitating exchange and contact between nationally and internationally active authors, translators, event organisers, promoters, cultural politicians, cultural administrations, etc. focused on contemporary literary trends.

Between 2014 and 2016, CROWD is hosting a conference, a festival and a pan-European OMNIBUS reading tour, covering the continent from north to south by bus.

Altogether over a hundred authors will be embarking on the three-month roadtrip from Finland to Cyprus. The tour will take authors to urban as well as rural European regions. Through readings and discussions, an in-depth dialogue will be generated between authors and the local audience.

Via the mobile app AGORA, CROWD offers both its audience and literary activists the opportunity to experience and get involved in the European literary scene in real time.

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