Lyrikline  is an international poetry website, which presently features 7,750 poems from 852 poets in 58 mother tongues, with 10,550 translations into 55 different languages. All poems are available to read and to hear as audio files, read aloud by the poets themselves; where translations have been commissioned, they are available alongside the original compositions. is administrated by the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin, and is maintained in cooperation with many international partners. Nuoren Voiman Liitto has represented Finland alongside the Finnish Reading Center since 2009. Today dozens of poems and translations from Finnish poets can already be found archived on the website, with new additions to be added soon.


NVL and the Finnish Reading Center together choose the poets to be featured, with whom they then negotiate agreements for the publication of their work. For more information regarding NVL's participation in, please contact Executive Director Laura Serkosalo (laura.serkosalo @